One major upside to making airtime top-ups with Reloadly is that you get direct access to over 700 operators globally thus enabling a seamless top-up flow. Up until now, a constraint when making top-ups was users experiencing delayed refunds when having failed top-up transactions with a few operators. We’re pleased to inform you that this constraint has been gotten rid of, thanks to the new auto refund feature.

How the auto refund feature works

When a user makes a top-up via Reloadly’s top-up endpoint:

/topups, that top-up can have one of three statuses:

SUCCESSFUL: You will see this status when your top-up is processed correctly.

PROCESSING: You will see this status when the final status of the top-up is still being verified from the airtime operator.

REFUNDED: You will see this status when the top-up isn’t processed successfully from the airtime operator’s end and the auto refund feature returns the funds used to make the top-up.

Below is an example of what an API response looks like for each of the statuses:

"transactionId": 4602843,
"status": "SUCCESSFUL",
"operatorTransactionId": "7297929551:OrderConfirmed",
"customIdentifier": "This is example identifier 130",
"recipientPhone": "447951631337",
"recipientEmail": null,
"senderPhone": "11231231231",
"countryCode": "GB",
"operatorId": 535,
"operatorName": "EE PIN England",
"discount": 63.37,
"discountCurrencyCode": "NGN",
"requestedAmount": 3168.4,
"requestedAmountCurrencyCode": "NGN",
"deliveredAmount": 4.9985,
"deliveredAmountCurrencyCode": "GBP",
"transactionDate": "2021-12-06 08:13:39",
"balanceInfo": {
"oldBalance": 5109.53732,
"newBalance": 2004.50532,
"currencyCode": "NGN",
"currencyName": "Nigerian Naira",
"updatedAt": "2021-12-06 13:13:39"

Response for a successful top-up


Response for a processing top-up

"message": "The transaction failed due to an outage and / or connection issue with the operator",
"status": "REFUNDED",
"transaction": null

Response for a refunded top-up

To monitor the status of a top-up after it has been initiated, you can make an API request to the top-up status endpoint:



Making top-ups via Reloadly’s API is a seamless process and a convenient way to get access to airtime payments. The auto refund feature takes this seamlessness one step further as you no longer have to experience delayed refunds on incomplete top-ups. Do you have any questions about this? Reach out to us via Slack or shoot us a mail at We’d be stoked to hear from you!

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