As one of our security best practises, we recommend that you enable IP Whitelisting for your production traffic.

When you whitelist your production server IP addresses, it ensures that traffic from only those servers will be accepted by Reloadly.

If your servers are in a public cloud like AWS or GCP, do consult your cloud provider as to how you can ensure stable IP addresses for your production servers. You may also consider routing your traffic through proxy servers with stable IP addresses.

Share your production server IP addresses with us so that we can whitelist them. You can do so by reaching out to us via the chat or through

*Please note that, IP whitelisting is not applicable if you use our SDKs to build mobile apps where the Reloadly API calls originate from Mobile Devices (e.g. Phone and Tablets). This is because, the IP address of a end user's mobile device keeps on varying. In these scenarios, we recommend you set up a strong security at your end on the mobile apps.

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