1. Have you created your Developer Portal account (production) using a dedicated email ID belonging to your company domain? Yes ✔

2. Have you chosen a strong password for your User Portal account (production) that has a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and that's at least 12 characters long? Yes ✔

3. Have you enabled 2FA on your developer portal account? Yes ✔

4. Have you enabled IP Whitelisting for your production traffic? Yes ✔

5. Have you ensured that your Client ID and Client Secret are in possession of very few authorized personnel only and are not shared with anyone else within or outside your company? Yes ✔

6. Have you ensured that your user portal password, Client ID, Client Secret and Bearer tokens you generate for production traffic are never printed to server logs and are never checked in into version control? Yes ✔

7. Have you reviewed the Security Best Practices guidelines provided by Reloadly? Yes ✔

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