We recently released for our developer community a new open-source top-up platform, which was built to easily handle top-up transfers for e-commerce and retail distribution.

You will need to be a developer to use this solution.

This GitHub Library was especially created for customers who are looking for a white label solution.

The Master Distributor Dashboard of our new GitHub app

Our new application is free to download on GitHub, and you can get started right away because it has been pre-integrated with Reloadly's API. This Sample Top-up Project comes complete with three different account types:

  1. Master Distributor: Similar to B2B access, where the master user/admin can share his/her commissions with resellers.

  2. Customer: B2C e-commerce site. No commissions are shared with this type of user. They only get the top-up transfers.

  3. Admin access

The app can be customized/white-labeled with any company design. Reloadly's Sample Top-up project was introduced to enable users to deploy a ready-made solution that is maintained by Reloadly.

This solution can be easily deployed on any device that fulfills the required prerequisites.

We have intended to make this app’s deployment as simple as possible and, as always, are open to feedback from our developer community, so don’t be shy.

Please also check these training videos for more information:

  1. VIDEO 1

  2. VIDEO 2

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