Go to the Mobile Topup tab on the left side panel and click on Topup:

Fill in the recipient phone number and select the correct country code, then click Next.

Our auto-detect system will try to check the correct operator to send it to. However, please check it is the correct one before sending the topup.

Once the operator has been selected you will be able to choose the amount. Amounts can be within a RANGE or a list of FIXED amounts.

In this example, we see it is a fixed list of amounts. Insert or choose the correct amount to send and click on Next:

The system will ask you to confirm the request, make sure all details are correct and click on Confim:

The *test* topup is sent. Remember, the recipient will not receive any money as these funds are for testing purposes only.

You will be able to check the transaction details in the box and Print the receipt:

You will also be able to send an SMS to the recipient telling them about the topup:

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