In this example you have an account in Europe with 100 EUR balance in your wallet and you want to send a topup to Tigo Guatemala.

You check the Pricing table and you filter by operator name, Tigo Guatemala. We will use the International pricing since you are sending a cross-border topup

You see that Tigo Guatemala has a 9% discount and an FX of 8.60962

The possible values you can send to Tigo Guatemala are FIXED

You click on See Values and you see: 5.85, 8.36, 10.04, 12.54

These amounts are in EUR, the same currency as your account.

You decide to send 10.04 EUR

1. How much will be delivered to the recipient's phone?

10.04 EUR x FX 8.60962 = 86,44 GTQ

2. How much will you earn as commission?

10.04 EUR x 9% discount = 0,9036 EUR

3. How much money will you have in your Reloadly Wallet after this topup?

100 - 10.04 cost + 0,9036 discount = 90,86 EUR

If you still have questions related to our pricing please contact our Customer Success team. We will be happy to help!

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