Reloadly provides you with a user Portal and Rest API that allow you to connect seamlessly to hundreds of operators world wide and send airtime and data topups

How does it work?

  1. Reloadly Wallet: You make sure you have balance on your Reloadly wallet before sending any topups

  2. Topup Data: You collect the phone number to recharge, operator it belongs to and amount to topup from your end user

  3. (Optional) Collect Money: Not all Reloadly use cases will need this step. If you are a reseller or distributor you then charge the end user for the topup through your own payment gateway. You will get paid for this topup and this money will remain in your hands. We will not collect any payments from end users

  4. Send Topup to Reloadly: You feed the data manually into our user Portal or you send it via our Rest API

  5. Send Topup from Reloadly to Operator: We send the topup to the operator

  6. Charging your Reloadly Wallet: When the operator confirms the topup is done, they charge us and we deduct your wallet for the cost of the transaction minus your % commission

  7. Topup Reaches the Client: The money will reach the end user in 2 to 5 mins maximum

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