We have a different concept/interpretation for the term "local amount". In our API, we have a feature that allows a user to send transactions in "local amount" i.e amounts in the currency of the destination country. This is only available for selected countries.

So, say that your Reloadly account is in USD, when sending a transaction to Airtel Nigeria for example, you have 2 options : 

1 - You can send it in your Reloadly account currency (USD), Let's say you want to send 10 USD, in this scenario, you can use the fx-rate end point to check how much NGN will be delivered for 10 USD. But, what you send to the API is in your account currency (10 USD).

2 - You may alternatively elect to send directly in "local amount", which in this example would be in NGN (Nigerian Naira). So, in the request to the API the amount will be interpreted as NGN, let's say 500 NGN, there's no FX on "local amount" and so 500 NGN will get delivered.

***However, option #2 is only applicable when the operator in our platform supports that feature. There's info on the API operator details that let you know whether an operator supports "local amounts" or not.

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