Reloadly makes use of the OAuth authorization framework to give your website or application access to your resources on the Reloadly platform.

If you are getting error message "Full authentication is required to access this resource" please read on.

You have two sets of credentials, the live and sandbox credentials. Access tokens generated using the sandbox credentials are valid for 86400 seconds (24 hours) and those generated using the live credentials are valid for 5184000 seconds (60 days).

Use the toggle available in the sidebar of the portal to switch between live and sandbox mode.

You can find your Reloadly Client ID and Client Secret credentials in our user Portal:

  1. Register for your free account with Reloadly if you haven't already here:

  2. Login to your user account:

  3. Click on the Developers tab and on API Settings:

***Remember that you have two different sets of credentials, LIVE credentials that are only valid for our live environment and TEST credentials that are only valid for our sandbox***

For this reason, you will have diferent tokens for each audience (LIVE/TEST) and also for each digital goods category (topups, giftcards, etc)

For details on how to use your API credentials to generate access tokens, please visit the quickstart section of the API documentation page.

Example audiences:

LIVE airtime audience: ""

TEST airtime audience:""

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