Reloadly operate a transparent and open system. You can find the pricing for each operator by searching by countries. 

The process:

  1. click on the link
  2. Select the country

You will see the list of all available operators in your selected country and the price we offer which includes the:

Discount: This is the percentage commission you get back to your Reloadly wallet when you top up. This differs per operator

Delivery amount: This is the FX rate applied. Our official currency is US dollar.

For example:

If you have $100 balance on your account, you make a $10 transaction and your commission is 15%, then your balance will be deducted only by $8.50 (instead of $10). You new balance is $91.5

the delivery amount is the FX.  And our default currency in Reloadly is USD

The operator Celcom defined their FX to be 3.22 to 1 USD

For your $10 topup

$10 x 3.22 = 32.2 RM approximately should be received 

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